Capt. Michael Pittinger, Sr.

I have spent most of my life on, in, or under the water. I became a professional mariner at age 18 when I joined the US Navy Submarine force where I became well versed in marine systems, ballasting, buoyancy and ship control. With increasing responsibilities aboard Trident submarines, my sphere of expertise included electronic navigation as navigation center supervisor and contact coordinator for contact avoidance during surface operations. I eventually became an instructor at the Trident Training Center teaching navigation, radar, countermeasures, as well as more specialized naval subjects.

Upon joining NOAA as a Radio Officer aboard NOAA Ship Discoverer, I was in charge of small boat operations in support of various government projects as well as large ship navigation and communication support in the Pacific Ocean.

After my work with the Navy and NOAA, I first enjoyed time as engineer and relief skipper aboard F/V Prowler, long-lining for pacific gray cod in the Arctic, and later as boat handler and commercial diver with various small power craft in support of multiple commercial diving and salvage projects.

Since that time, I have been more conventionally employed in the corporate world with my expertise in VoIP, networking, and software development. The remote nature of my computer work has afforded me time to enjoy doing professional yacht deliveries as well as recreational boating on my various power and sailing craft. I currently own a 1995 44’ Beneteau 440, Ariosa, which I have owned twelve years and which I have sailed extensively along the Eastern seaboard with crew as well as solo long distances.

● I hold a 100 ton USCG Master license with towing and sail endorsements.
● I hold a general class Amateur Radio Communication License. KB3-MXL.
● I currently teach an annual small vessel single propeller handling course.
● I teach Radar, and GPS.
● I have installed, maintained, and operated just about every shipboard electronic and communications device.
● I am an expert in NEMA 0183 and NEMA 2000 communications protocol for the interconnectivity of shipboard components.
● I am an expert in in Electro-mechanical, Electro-hydraulic / Pneumatic and other shipboard control systems.
● I have experience in marine diesel and gasoline engine rebuild and repair.
● I am an expert on shipboard solar systems, including design, installation and repairs.
● I own my own machine shop.
● I am an expert in the repair and restoration of fiberglass, especially sailboat rudders.
● I am a skilled metal worker, with the equipment, knowledge and skill to MIG, TIG, and fabricate in steel, aluminum, and stainless.
● I own and operate my own mobile welding truck.

My expertise in the various shipboard systems as well as my skill in maneuvering under power and sail enables me to quickly understand each yacht and its systems in order to deliver them quickly and safely.